About Us

On behalf of the Board of Directors, residents, and staff of Island Shores Estates Condominium Association we welcome you to the community!

As a new resident of Island Shores Estates you will immediately be granted the privileges of the Association. These privileges include exterior maintenance (with the exception of doors, windows and plumbing), and lawn care. The common area includes one tennis/basketball court, one swimming pool, one playground area, two mail houses and a community building. The Historic River Trail runs along our property next to the Contoocook River.

The Association’s management helps residents manage their committees. All residents are encouraged to volunteer their time to launch and serve on committees that can benefit the Association.

The Association also has Rules & Regulations that preserve and protect the property rights, enjoyment and use of for each resident. Below are a few highlighted areas to note. The complete Rules & Regulations document is available from the Association office or can be found on the Association Documents tab on this website.

  1. The Associations Dues are due the first of each month. They are considered late if received after the close of business on the 10th of each month.
  2. While unpacking, please remember to put disposed items in the proper bins. Proper recycling habits are very important to Island Shores.  Please flatten all boxes before recycling them.
  3. Two registered vehicles are allowed at Island Shores Estates per unit.
  4. All registered vehicles must be parked in assigned spaces, not in visitor spaces.
  5. Approved and registered pets must be leashed & picked up after while outside the unit.

As a new resident the following information must be submitted to the Association office.

  1. Owner/Tenant Information Form
  2. Animal Registration Form
  3. New phone number(s) and e-mail address(es)
  4. Proof of homeowners insurance with a minimum of $25,000 in dwelling coverage
  5. Proof of rabies vaccinations and dog licensing
  6. All dogs must be DNA tested at the office within 24 hours of residency
  7. Signed Rules & Regulations Acknowledgment receipt

All forms are available upon request from the office or can be found on our Association Documents page.
For additional information or questions regarding the Association, please contact our office.
The staff and Board of Directors are happy to assist you; and again, welcome to the community!